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BCC Programs

When you partner with BCC International Education Group, you create a long term, sustainable and cooperative relationship with a company dedicated to promoting global education opportunities for all. Whether it’s placing K-12 Chinese foreign students on your campus or helping your team to globalize classroom instruction, we have a solution for you that will provide an opportunity for local students to compete and thrive on a global stage and become global citizens. BCC is committed to understanding your strategic intent for a globalized campus, one that promotes cultural and linguistic diversity. Together, we will create a shared vision.

Some of the many services BCC provides:

  • Placement of Chinese students in U.S. high schools with the intent to earn a high school diploma and attend a U.S. college

  • Facilitation of sister school partnerships in China & in the U.S.

  • Cross-cultural & language camps in China & in the U.S. for middle-high school students

  • Short & long-term educational exchange for students & educators

  • Event planning & logistics support for international meetings & exhibits

  • Opportunities for U.S. high school students to study in BCC’s partner schools in China for a semester, or one to two academic years

High School Student Exchange


Our High School (HS) Student Exchange benefits Chinese & American students, participating teachers & school districts.  American students, staff & host families are exposed to a new language & opportunities to learn about Chinese culture, which provides a path to become global citizens.  Students are encouraged to explore common ground & develop cooperative learning skills illustrating the concept of global interconnectedness in a tangible way.


Cross-Cultural Exchange Camps


BCC offers camps in the U.S. & in China for Elementary, Middle & High School students with a group of specially selected partners.  BCC helps students achieve the following goals:


  • Cultural immersion

  • Begin a path to achieve a college degree (in the U.S.)

  • Improved foreign language skills

  • Personal development opportunities

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