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High Schools


BCC’s successful partnerships provide cooperative arrangements, & business opportunities between entities in China & the U.S.  Chinese students obtain high school diplomas & meet U.S. college/university admissions requirements through BCC's partnership model between high-ranking schools in China & high schools in the U.S.  Chinese students are enrolled in a U.S. public school for a minimum of two (2) years using an F-1 Visa provided by local colleges & universities.  BCC’s partner school districts in the U.S.:


Colleges & Universities


BCC collaborates with colleges & universities in the U.S. to provide Chinese students new educational opportunities into their undergraduate degree & non-degree seeking programs such as an ESL bridge program.  BCC continues to vet & review colleges for participation in this mutually beneficial relationship providing Chinese foreign students the opportunity for post-secondary study & partnering institutions the opportunity to grow their international student body.  We're in the process of finalizing agreements with several universities.  Contact us to determine if there is a good fit between our organizations.

Host Families In The U.S.


BCC offers host families new social & cultural opportunities. Each academic year, BCC sends Chinese high school students to the U.S. for a two (2) year academic experience. This is a great opportunity for a family to open its heart & home to a young person who will enrich the family’s life through sharing a new culture, new customs, & a new life style. BCC seeks your help to create more global families with life-long connections!  BCC’s partner high schools in the U.S. are responsible for identifying host families for each foreign student prior to the start of a school year to include recruitment, identification, back ground checks, & placing students in host families.  To ensure success with securing families, monthly reimbursement is provided by BCC to help cover the cost of additional food, transportation, & miscellaneous expenses that families will incur while hosting a foreign student.


Business Partners: U.S. & China


BCC focuses on cultural & educational exchange between U.S. Dept. of Education leadership, state superintendents & Chinese educational & governmental leadership (May 2015).  Current partners:

  • U.S. Department of Education

  • APEC Ministerial Conferences

  • Hanban

  • PDK International Fraternity of Educators

  • ASCD - American Federation of Teachers

  • EPASS - English language proficiency assessment



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