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Host Families In The U.S.

Each academic year, BCC sends Chinese high school students to the United States to enroll for a two year academic experience.  This is a great opportunity for a family to open its heart and door to a young person who will enrich the family’s home life through the sharing of a new culture, customs and life style. BCC needs help creating global families with life-long connections!


BCC’s partner school districts in the US are responsible for identifying host families for each foreign student prior to the start of a school year to include recruitment, identification, back ground checks and placement of the students in host families. To ensure success with securing families, monthly reimbursement is provided by BCC to help cover the cost of additional food, transportation and miscellaneous expenses that families will incur while hosting a foreign student.

The following is a typical recruiting process that a school district may use when recruiting and identifying host families:

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