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High School Student Exchange


BCC’s successful partnerships provide cooperative arrangements, & business opportunities between entities in China & the U.S.  Chinese students obtain high school diplomas & meet U.S. college/university admissions requirements through BCC's partnership model between high-ranking schools in China & high schools in the U.S.


Chinese students are enrolled in a U.S. public school for a minimum of two (2) years using an F-1 Visa provided by local colleges & universities.


A list of BCC’s partner school districts in the U.S. that have Chinese foreign students:

  • Oxford Community Schools

  • Ovid-Elsie Area Schools

  • L'Anse Creuse Public Schools

  • West Bloomfield Schools

  • Dexter Area Schools

  • Saline Area Schools

  • Dewitt Area Schools

  • Ann Arbor Area Schools

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