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ESL Bridge Program

BCC provides an alternative option for Chinese students interested in attending a college or university in the U.S., yet lack the requisite English proficiency skills through its ESL Bridge Program/Non-Degree seeking program (college level).  These students can initially enroll in an intensive English-as-a-second language program at BCC’s partner institutions in the U.S.  The average program length is one (1) academic year with students accelerating at their own pace, moving through different levels of difficulty; the end goal - enroll in a degree seeking program in the U.S.  Students are required to submit the same requisite paperwork as degree seeking students, however, the English proficiency assessment may be waived at an institution’s discretion.


BCC program participants may be eligible for special scholarships & reduced tuition at public & private schools.  Institutions interested in developing or improving pipelines of foreign/Chinese students ultimately interested in enrolling in a degree- seeking program should participate.



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