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Cross Cultural Exchange Camps

Camps in the U.S.

Middle & High School students at BCC's partner schools in China experience American culture & language during their Chinese New Year/Spring Festival break at the end of January into mid-February.


Students interested in studying at one of BCC’s partner high schools in the U.S. for their junior and/or senior years should participate in this specialized program.  BCC partner high schools & colleges operate the program; students stay with host families and/or in nearby college dormitories.


Camp dates are pending for winter of 2017.


Previous Camps

  • 10 - 14 days

  • STEAM theme

  • Activities & outings with local students

  • Visits to partner high schools & high-ranking universities

  • May stay in dorms with weekend host family visit

  • Certificate of participation



  • Build language skills in a cultural immersion program

  • Provide exposure to science, history, American culture, & macro & microeconomics

  • Experience western culture through field trips to key points of interest

  • Tour U.S. high schools Chinese students are interested in attending

  • Visit popular U.S. cities such as NYC, Washington DC & Chicago

  • Exposure to American culture, history & economics


Camps in China

Students enrolled in middle & high schools in the U.S. interested in experiencing China through the lens of a native Chinese student should participate in a cultural and language camp in the spring.  The experience is optimal for those who are studying Mandarin Chinese; prior to the excursion, local U.S. students learn about the places they will visit in China, & create friendships with students in BCC’s partner schools.

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