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Chinese College Student Recruitment

BCC collaborates with colleges & universities in the U.S. to place college bound Chinese students in programs to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in their field of interest.  BCC partners with Chinese high schools to recruit a select group of students who meet the admissions criteria of partner institutions (colleges/universities).  BCC markets U.S. based partner colleges/universities to Chinese students based on BCC's unique process, which matches students with the proper college/university.  

BCC staff in China assists with disseminating the information & compiling an application package to submit on behalf of students to US colleges per their required timeline.


BCC program participants may be eligible for special scholarships & reduced tuition.  We work with private schools to create packages, which will attract Chinese students.  This program is an ideal opportunity for institutions interested in developing or improving pipelines of foreign/Chinese students with the ultimate goal of enrollment in a degree-seeking program.


Students from our HS student exchange program have been accepted to the following universities (partial list):

  • Arizona State University

  • Central Michigan University

  • Emory University

  • Kettering University

  • Los Angeles Schools of Creative Art

  • Loyola University

  • Purdue University            

  • Michigan State University

  • Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

  • Saginaw Valley State University

  • Seton Hall University

  • Temple University

  • University of California, Davis

  • University of Illinois

  • University of Iowa

  • University of Michigan

  • University of

  • Wisconsin

  • Virginia Tech

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