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The most desirable education, of course, is one that enhances human curiosity & encourages risk taking, & cultivates the entrepreneurial spirit in the context of globalization.

Dr. Yong Zhao, BCC Chief Advisor

In 2015, BCC founded another company (with the same leadership team) called The American Institute of Bilingual Education (AIBE) with the sole purpose of promoting bilingual education and cultural understanding between China and the US. At the urging of Dr. Yong Zhou, BCC’s senior advisor, he emphasized that the greatest challenge in education today is adequately preparing students, teachers, and future educational leaders for a global world that is changing 24/7.  They must have the ability to live and work in a rapidly changing multi-lingual and multi-cultural society. This requires workers, business, governmental and world leaders to have fluency in multiple languages and possess high cultural intelligence (“CQ”). Hence, the evolution of AIBE.

Some of the many programs and services offered by AIBE through partnerships with K12 Schools, post-secondary institutions and governmental entities:

  • Provide an education platform for English teachers in China to develop their English language fluency, competencies, and effectiveness as teachers of English

  • Create an effective foundation for Chinese language teachers from China to become capable and competent teachers of Chinese language and culture in schools in the U.S.

  • Offer professional development & placement of Chinese language teacher interns in K-12 school systems across the USA

  • Provide support of Chinese teachers in securing a Masters of Arts in Teaching and becoming emergency certified to teach in US schools

  • Offer administrator and teacher trainings in China and the US at the K12 and post-secondary levels

  • Recruit US teachers to teach in schools across China

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